[Pyxmlsec-devel] CA certificate bundle

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sat Feb 14 07:54:05 CET 2015

Alex Boese wrote at 2015-2-13 12:22 -0500:
>I was noticing that CA certificate bundles will sometimes fail to work properly with PyXmlSec. Now there's nothing that complicated in bundling per se, so unbundling is easy. Is there a known fix to the errors that can happen when passing a bundled cert to pyxmlsec?

I believe that "pyxmlsec" is no longer maintained.

>From your description, I suppose that your problem is more related to
the underlaying "xmlsec library" than "pyxmlsec" itself: "pyxmlsec"
does nothing itself with the certificates but simply passes them on
to the "xmlsec library" (which in turn passes them on to the crypto

I suggest that you use the "xmlsec library" (command line) commands
to verify that your problem is indeed caused by the "xmlsec library" itself.
If so, use its resources to learn whether there is a workaround.


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